Who are we?

One big happy family

Most innovative and successful digital companies say they’re a family feel, game-changing, funky fresh company, but we actually mean it. We’re different in the way we work and the way we breed success.

We’ve got a dog that roams the office, hangout rooms and one of our Directors comes into the office playing the ukulele occasionally. Office culture is important to us – it’s one of the reasons for our success and without it, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

We started life in a bedroom in the northwest of England but in ten years we’ve been able to dominate the motorcycle insurance industry, establish ourselves in van insurance and take a foothold in the car insurance industry.

These are the people we can't do without.

Liverpool Iasi

Phil Wilding


Joanne Rive


Madalina Apostolache


Matthew Tozer


John Worthington


Neil Hodgson

Project Manager

Hilary Hodgson

Head of Design

Mike Szabo

Project Manager

Jess Hughes

Office Manager

Dan Tomlinson

Project Manager

David Traxler

Head of Acquisition

Laura Yardy

Head of Customer Retention

Michael Boswell

Finance Officer

Greg Thompson

Commercial Finance Analyst


Chief Morale Officer

Steve Wilkinghoff

Chief Clarity Officer

Geraint Evans

Commercial Analyst

Tom Watson

Commercial Performance Analyst

Tom Garfitt

Search Marketing Executive

Niall Cooke

Junior Marketing Executive

Oana Hriscu

.NET Developer

Alin Apostolache

Growth Hacker

Elena Maxim

Growth Hacker

Alin Cehan


Paula Dron

Project Manager

Mihai Diaconescu

Project Manager

Marian Finariu

Project Manager

Catalina Diaconu

Project Manager

Alexandru Roberto Tenea

Project Manager

Alexandra Flescan

.NET Developer

Alexie Gheorghe

.NET Developer

Mihai Pletosu

.NET Developer

Ioana Stumbea

.NET Developer

Irina Abuzatoaei

.NET Developer

Georgian Daniel Duda

.NET Developer

Narcis Onofrei

.NET Developer

Laurentiu Taschina

Web Developer

Ana Gheban

Web Developer

Tamara Trifan

.NET Developer

Andrei Mihaila

Analytics Manager

Delia Parau

QA Tester

Andrei Florea

Infra Engineer

Anca Teodorescu

QA Tester

Andrada Carp

QA Tester

Dragos Lombada


Olga Ojoc


Alexandra Anisii

HR Specialist

Mihaela Timita

Office Manager

Stefan Pantiru

Data Analytics Lead

Ruxandra Valcu

Senior Data Analyst

Bogdan Cazacu

Data Analyst

Our Core Values

Treat everyone with respect

If we respect you, we will earn your respect.

Our Core Values

Focus on the user

Respect/understand niches and provide help, think about the user journey and the user's needs.

Our Core Values

Let the future be a guide to the present

Don't accept the status quo, be different/disrupt. Do things others aren't doing, be prepared to fail. Think about future not past, be at the forefront of developments, first mover.

Our Core Values

Whatever we do, we do better than our competitors

Quality, detail, striving for continuous improvement, take pride in own and company's work, go extra mile, care about code.

A few useful facts about us (or maybe not so useful)

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