MI Reporting

Improving the services we provide


Data shapes how we move forward and our MI Reporting software gives us granular insight into user behaviour and allows us to identify opportunities for us to further improve and optimise our platforms.


Just as our platforms are responsive, our reporting tools work cross device too. Whether users are on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, whether they view in portrait and then switch to landscape, we can keep track of what they’re doing and identify sticking points early on.


From start to end, we monitor and analyse question set behaviour to ensure our platforms are running as well as they can, and to identify opportunities to further improve our service and commercials. So if there’s an issue, we know where it is and it's up to us to interpret it in the right way.

External Factors

Depending on your product, you’ll know that external factors can influence your conversion rates and commercials. For example, motorcycle insurance is heavily influenced by the weather. While we can’t control the climate, our MI Reports allow you to overlay important data, like weather conditions and temperature, to help you understand user behaviour in different circumstances.

MI Reporting


Our technology allows us to monitor user behaviour in real-time. That means we can react during the event, not after the damage is done. If users start a quote, we see it, if users get stuck, we see it, and if there’s an issue, we spot it and can react, interpret and improve accordingly.