The Howden UK & Ireland companies


On this part of our website you can find out more information about the companies in our group. It helps you identify the firms we are connected to.

When we have a lawful reason to do so, we may share information, including personal data, with other firms in our group. For example, if you approach us for a type of insurance we don’t offer, but another company in our group can provide, we will pass your details onto the part of our group that can help you if you agree to it.

Where our companies collect and use your personal data, each firm acts as a separate controller under current data protection laws, and maintains the necessary registrations with the relevant supervisory authorities.

The companies in Howden UK & Ireland

Our group encompasses the following legal entities:

 Company Name  Country of Establishment  Company Registration Number
 A-Plan Holdings  UK  00750484
 AJ Insurance Service Limited  UK  07144164
 A R Brassington & Co Limited  Ireland  7920
 Assured Futures Limited  UK  03040737
 Aston Lark Limited  UK  02831010
 Aston Lark Employee Benefits Limited  UK  02792080
 Aston Lark Europe Limited  Ireland  338916
 Braddons Limited  UK  02877960
 Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers Limited  UK  SC207315
 Brunel Professions Ltd  UK  05071851
 CRS Yachts Limited  UK  06371937
 Deanspoint Insurance Brokers Limited  Ireland  474638
 Dickson Financial Services Limited  UK  06612875
 DNA Insurance Services Ltd UK  04537209
 D. O’Loughlin & Co Limited  Ireland  104227
 Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited  UK  00856706
ES Risks Limited  UK  06343872
 Healthwise Limited  UK  02793049
 Highworth Insurance Limited  UK  07980064
 Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing Limited  UK  02248238
 Howden Driving Data Limited  UK  12843503
 ICE Internet Comparison Experts Ltd  Jersey  107715
 Incepta Risk Management Ltd  UK  07285254
 Inet3 Limited  UK  02694581
 J F Dunne Insurances Limited  Ireland  146126
 LGR Solutions Ltd  UK  07837929
 Made by Sauce Limited  UK  06687777
 Marine and General Insurances DAC  Ireland  33532
 McMahon Galvin Limited  Ireland  33032
 North County Brokers Limited  Ireland  299661
 Pembroke Insurances Ltd  Ireland  430296
 Philip Williams (G INS) Management Limited  UK  11181168
 Primo Plc  UK  01008700
 Protean Risk Limited  UK  06390043
 Principal Insurance Ireland DAC  Ireland  623383
 Red Arc Assured Limited  UK  03507147
 Rethink Professional Solutions Limited  UK  06579070
 Reich Insurance Brokers Limited  UK  03697314
 Reich Life Ltd  UK  06408048
 Revoclife Limited  Ireland  84499
 Right to Health Limited  UK  06521982
 Sennocke International Insurance Services Limited  UK  02489110
 SFS Group Limited  UK  02418802
 SFTS Trustees Limited  UK  02538905
 SPF Private Clients Limited  UK  03680970
 SPF Private Clients (Channel Islands) Limited  Guernsey  44610
 Sparrow Insurances Limited  Ireland  97779
 Spring Insure Limited UK  12876937
 Spring Insure Europe Limited Ireland  676934
 Spring Insure Guernsey Limited  Guernsey  60081
 Vast Visibility Limited  UK  05866769
 Veritan Consultants Limited  Ireland  147170
 UKGlobal Broking Group Limited  UK  08004753
 Watkin Davies Insurance Consultants Limited  UK  02102120
 William Lyons Insurances Limited  Ireland  114189
 Wright Group Brokers Limited  Ireland  410781

If businesses join or leave our group in the future, we will update this list accordingly.

Data Protection Registrations

You can check the current data protection of our UK and Jersey firms via the Supervisory Authorities’ online registers:

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO):

The Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner:

Please note that neither the Guernsey Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA), nor the Irish Data Protection Commission maintain publicly accessible registers.