Data Enrichment

Insight and influence

Multiple data sources

Our tech allows us to interrogate multiple data sources to allow you to better monitor customers and their behaviour.
We employ user checks, both pre and post quote, along with device finger printing and fraud indicators.

Risk Assesment

Data Enrichment isn’t purely about improving sales conversion, risk and managing risk is also vital to our service.
Evaluating risk allows our broker partners to protect their premiums and prevent fraud.

Insight and Control

Understanding customers is integral to our service and allows you to gain control over your pricing and your purchasing processes.

Sales Conversions

By using multiple data sources, we gain control and insight into customers, allowing us to increase sales conversions for the brokers on our panel.

Data enrichment

Advanced technology

Our advanced technology interrogates the customer through different data sources, giving you the highest level of control over pricing and purchasing processes, and increasing sales conversion for the brokers on our panel.